Move Management

Are you facing the prospect of moving to a smaller home, condo or independent living facility?  Moving is not easy, especially after years of accumulating furniture and “treasures”.

I understand how difficult this can be and the emotional stress involved.  One of the challenges you will face is figuring out what to take with you to your new home. Here is how I can help you:

Assessment and Planning

During our first meeting I will ask you to show me around your home. As we proceed I will photograph and measure your furniture and artwork and we will discuss what pieces are most important to you. It is always best to take the things you love most with you to your new home so you will feel comfortable in your new space.  

We will then visit your new home to measure the rooms and I will prepare preliminary floor plans for you. Together we will come up with furniture arrangements for your new home. 

The next step is for you consider the items that are not going with you and decide what will be given to family and friends, and what will be sold or donated to charity.   

I can recommend people who can help you take care of these items. 

Also someone who can come and pack the items you are taking with you.

Move Management

All items to be moved will be tagged and color-coded to help the movers know where they will be placed in your new home. On move day I will be there to direct the movers and make sure everything goes smoothly. If you need to buy new furniture for your new home I can assist with that … as well as color suggestions and window treatment choices.  



Marge and Sidney

“Kathy Engstrom at A Fresh Eye is a gem!!  Knowledgeable, imaginative, aware of the economics of all relevant decorating  alternatives; and a real pleasure to work with. 

This is truly a professional who gives you 100% of her attention, is creative while being realistic, yet with such good taste in every suggestion that she offers.  And her follow ups go above and beyond.  She becomes a member of the family team.  

5 stars recommendations with no qualifiers."


"It is so much fun to work with Kathy. She has a sharp eye, a talent for knowing what is right, a fabulous sense of humor and an indomitable spirit.

Kathy is excellent at arranging things to make rooms, shelves, collections pleasing and beautiful.

When planning the move of my 93 year old Dad from a large house to a small apartment over a period of a few months, she knew just what to take and where to place it. She also knew what few new things had to be purchased. By the end of moving day his new home was perfectly set up and gorgeous. Many of the beautiful paintings, antiques and furniture looked better in his new home because of the way they were placed.

Kathy was a marvel working with my Dad. Her sense of humor and patience kept moving him along. Kathy inspired trust immediately. She made the overwhelming seem easy.

When the project was finished I missed her. I’m going to call her for a consultation on my home now."



"Living 600 miles from my mother presented a major obstacle to helping her move into an assisted living facility. Packing up an entire lifetime, and deciding what to take and what to leave behind, was overwhelming for all of us.

Kathy was there every step of the way to make sure that special care was given to her precious possessions. The daunting task of relocation was handled with ease. I was able to return to my home knowing that Mom was in capable and caring hands.

Kathy had Mom totally settled in and comfortable within a few days, making her feel that she hadn’t moved in a cold apartment, but a place that she could now call her new home.“